The Missing Puzzle Piece

For months I have been looking for a throw blanket. Since my couch is plain dark gray, I wanted a bright pattern.  I originally wanted this one, but have been forbidden to by anymore Unikko print.

I wanted pinks and reds…and when I was in Finland, I picked up green and yellow Unikko fabric for pillows…so I wanted the pillows to match the pillows, of course.


I looked all over France and Finland for such a colorful blanket that was also made with wool and cotton. But couldn’t find anything suitable. That’s when I went to the Internet and found the English décor store:


 Designers Guild. I feel in love with their Cereste Blossom , a delightful woven blanket which was hand painted and had all of my colors!  What drew me to their shop was their quality of design and product.  


 I couldn’t be happier with my new blanket…which is great for cozying up during a Facetime chat! 


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