Gâteau aux carottes

When I was a wee-little thing, I had carotenemia. I love carrots and sometimes you just need carrot cake, unfortunately it’s not done that often in France.  

However, I have found bakeries that do serve the (somewhat) healthy nutty goodness.  After doing some delicious research I’d like to share my favorite places in Paris for carrot cake! 

Sugar Daze.

It’s a favorite among the staff and family at Sugar Daze.  If you need another reason, it comes with a gummy bear on top. Is this what they serve in Heaven? 

Café Coutume @ Suomi Instituutti

Seriously, what isn’t good here? It’s like a work of art! 

Chez moi

One day I decided to attempt to make my own. I think it turned out pretty good, for my first time…I see more carrot cake à la Lauren in my future!  

Got any suggestions? bonne appétit! 


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