LADIES WHO LUNCH: Merci + Les Mauvaises Graines

Every Friday, I am fortunate to have lunch with the dearest people I know in Paris. 
Merci is a wonderful establishment in Paris, located in the über-chic haut Marais.  It’s a boutique and a café. 

Merci café is charming—you are definitely paying for the atmosphere.    I love the mint water when you ask for a carafe d’eau. image

 Merci is known for their red car parked in front of their shop, but this spring, Les Mauvaises Graines, took it away!  


I was flabbergasted! In its place is this yellow typical farming truck. They also added live-stock as well. 


Oh, Paris! Always something unexpected around every corner. This is why I love this city. 

Happy Spring! 

111 boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris


Éléphant Paname

I’ve been a busy bee working with Sinfonietta’s next Cocktails and Conversations. image

Which we’re pleased to present our concerts at the elegant Éléphant Paname. image

Built in the 1800s for the Russian Ambassador, a bank later bought the property and covered up the beautiful Parisian details.  

imageThe Fiat family has done a wonderful job at the restoration, which is now a culture center for the arts. 


It’s like stepping back in time. Please join us April 28 and 29 for a wonderful night of exceptional music, wine and conversation. 

Book here for your tickets. 

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday with loved ones.


I hosted a little spring afternoon get together with some lovely ladies for Psalm Sunday so there was a bit of an Easter theme. 

Everyone went home with a bunny goody bag! 


We each brought something tasty from our kitchens.  As as you can see, I made my carrot cake! 

Have a wonderful Easter long-weekend (yep, 3-day weekend!)  

The Missing Puzzle Piece

For months I have been looking for a throw blanket. Since my couch is plain dark gray, I wanted a bright pattern.  I originally wanted this one, but have been forbidden to by anymore Unikko print.

I wanted pinks and reds…and when I was in Finland, I picked up green and yellow Unikko fabric for pillows…so I wanted the pillows to match the pillows, of course.


I looked all over France and Finland for such a colorful blanket that was also made with wool and cotton. But couldn’t find anything suitable. That’s when I went to the Internet and found the English décor store:


 Designers Guild. I feel in love with their Cereste Blossom , a delightful woven blanket which was hand painted and had all of my colors!  What drew me to their shop was their quality of design and product.  


 I couldn’t be happier with my new blanket…which is great for cozying up during a Facetime chat! 

Wedding Car


Paris is so photogenic. It’s no surprise why so many brides and grooms want to have their wedding here. 


It’s common to see Japanese brides running all over the city.  But one Sunday when adventuring with my little camera, I saw many, many white cars. I never found out why they were here, probably for a wedding. This city is always up to something! 


Paris by Night.


I had a dilemma on March 20: to forgo le jour du Macaron and go back to my empty house OR go all the way across town to the Publics Drugstore on the Champs Élysées. 


It was late and I hadn’t been home all day…and chez moi sounded pretty great. But, I thought, If could do the normal routine (wake up, go to work, go home etc.) anywhere.


But I live in Paris. I must make the most of this city. So it did. And I’m glad because, Paris at night is beautiful. Plus I got a salted caramel Pierre Hermè. 


So my fellow faux-Parisians: remember, we are the luckiest that we are living here, don’t take it for granted! 


The Perfect Fifth.

My Sunday: 

More and more, I am becoming La Femme du Ve. As I thought I would be the happiest back in the 6th or my dream arrondissement, the 7th. I am quickly finding out that the 5th is the perfect place for me.

I love my out door market, Marché Mouffetard.

From the cobblestones to the live accordion music to the wine and cheese tastings, this market has become a staple to my Sunday agenda.

I usually end up walking to the Seine because the walk is so pleasant.

The sun just sets this city on fire.

Have a happy Sunday! See you at the marchê!  

Cafés like back in the day.

The reason why cafés became so popular wasn’t because of the food or the drinks that they served. No, it was because of the chauffage. Electricity is expensive and when you are a starving artist, you can’t afford it. So the artists found out that it was cheaper to by a coffee, beer, wine…and camp out in a warm café all day to work, meet people and just live. 

And voilà, centuries later we are still meeting in cafés. With problems with EDF, I too, found suffrage in cafés with friends or just to charge my phone. Oh là là quelle adventure as my landlady phrased it. But looking back on my week without power, it was fun to go back in time, if you will, and live like the artists I look up to so much.