Le Métro Gratuit


Like every March in France, this March has been full of interesting events. I’d have to say that for this year, it was the free metro days.  RATP and the Île-de-France only has two days out of the year where public transportation is free: June 21 for Fête de la Musique and New Years. However, last week, Paris had free transportation for 5 days due to the high pollution. This was the first time in Paris’s history that this has happened. It was really nice! I saw more people who took advantage of getting a free ride curtsey of the city. 

The Île-de-France has now issued your impaire/ parieire days where the ending number (even or odd) determines if you will be able to drive. Do you think that Paris will change its driving rules like London has done. Making you pay a hefty price to driving in the city center? Interesting, interesting…I hope there’s more free metro days (its a hassle to take your card in and out sometimes…). Despite the pollution, the smoggy skies were absolutely beautiful! 


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