Le Musée de la Poupée

One of the greatest things about having a 5-year-old best friend is that you can also participate in all of the wonderful things that Paris has to offer children. During the vacances, I took my little cousin to the doll museum. That’s right, Paris has a doll museum.  I think I was more excited to go than V! 


This little museum is tucked away in a little street next to a park in the 2ème, close to the Centre Pompidou.  It’s a tiny museum mind you, that will take 45 minutes-maximum to go through. I’d highly suggest getting the activity packet for your youngster. At the end, you can play with dolls and draw a doll of your own to add to the museum’s scrapbook book.  


It was fascinating seeing centuries after centuries old dolls. Dolls from all over the world. The dolls from the 1700 and 1800s had the most beautiful and intreat clothing! I couldn’t help but aww at the craftsmanship of the clothing from this era! 


Also there’s a great giftshop where you can actually purchase some of the same dolls on display, I think this was V’s favorite because she could play with the “old” dolls. 


Le Musée de la Poupée
quartier Beaubourg, Impasse Berthaud, 75003 
Métro: Rambuteau 
Hours: Tuesdays-Saturday, 13h – 18h


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