Cheap Chic Doormat

Well, I’ve done A LOT of personal touches in my new apartment. It’s time I share with you some of my projects! 

Wine allowed:
1 glass 

a blank doormat 
Cardboard, or heavy paper 
an exacto knife
paint brush or sponge

How to: 
1.  Cut out your desired design with your exacto knife. I used an old  box from Amazon. 
2. Either use the cut-outs as a stamp or you might like to stencil the stamps. I stenciled the Eiffel Tower, but stamped the letters.  See here

3. Use your brush or sponge to fill-in the shapes/letters! 

Voilà! You have a custom doormat for under 10 euros! 

Don’t forget to register for your chance to win Paris Was Ours!


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