Welcome to the future, France. 

Since France (thinks they) invented the Internet; they were hesitant joining everyone else on Earth as we all connected via the World Wide Web. And as a result, people are forced to run all around France collecting stamps and signatures in 2013. It’s a treasure hunt, I keep telling myself. It’s true that France enjoys the physical contact, but sometimes it gets to the point of ridiculous…fast.  

I’m seeing a big change in France:  Prestigious universities like mine are joining the world of online libraries. My professors are proud and quiet amazed, while all the foreign students are myth-ed by the fact that online resources are just now catching on in France. Also, (signed) forms are allowed to be télécharger online. These might seem like baby steps; but for a country who, in 1993 allowed parents to name their children as like like and not according to the country’s list of legal French names—this is a hug step for the French.

So, way to go France! Maybe one day students can completely enroll in classes online.   


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