I had to toast myself with sparkling wine this time (international travelers problems, I know)! But well, I’m back. Ready to face the French one form and stamp at a time!  Excited for all the adventures and unforeseen events in the city of light! 

Thank you for everyone who keeps up with my adventures, and please keep reading! 


Two and play at that game.

My summer consisted of one of my favorite things to do: biking. I celebrated Le Tour de France with my own bike ride early this summer. I prefer my version of this infamous race: breaks for gelato and/or cocktails! 


I can do it…the secret is to lure me with truffle French fries. And I’m more than happy to have a crisp cider along with it! It’s really the perfect snack for the middle of a fun-filled day which the Fin played hooky!

How American is that?

Quel verre?

I’ve been told by Laurent-Perrier that you drink champagne in any glass that makes you the happiest. 

Ok. Sure.

 I’m a lover of saucers, and will drink out of them at any chance.  But, this summer my champagne companion and I wanted to see if it really makes a difference what glass to use. 

Result: it does. 

So, for all my champagne lovers out there the Riedel Vitis Champagne Flutes (seen above) should be in your glassware inventory. 

Summer 2013: the summer of Champagne

It’s true, I don’t think I have ever had so much Champagne in my life as I did this summer. Bottles after bottles delighted my ears with each “pop” from opening the sparkling treasure from Champagne, France. 

After our extensive “research” the champagne that won my champagne companion’s and mine hearts and taste buds was: la masion de Bollinger:

Our two favorites being:  

Bollinger Rose

Bollinger La Grand Année is far superior to Grand Siècle. (Although I love Laurent-Perrier Brut). 

Gone fishing

Well…not exactly (my fisherman’s career ended around the age of 8). But yes, I have been away from my blog. I was busy moving my harp (in my gigantic car) from one gig to another, reconnecting with friends and families and sipped on some spectacular cocktails and went to about a zillion weddings—which gave me the opportunity to travel a bit. My favorite location: California. I was so thrilled and flattered to be the maid of honor at my cousin’s wedding.