Being Fabulous. 

I think the secret to a happy life is creating the life you want—regardless of where you live. Sharing your life with others is the key. It’s quiet easy to live a happy yet lonely life in Paris. But when I come to America, it’s easy to be in love with Kansas! Especially when you are greeted with a carved cantaloupe swan made just for you! 

You can totally be Italian and prosciutto with your melon swan! 


Adjusting to the different summers

Fourth of July marks the middle of summer for America. But for France, the summer is only beginning.  Upon my arrival back, as I’m switching to summer mode, everyone around me only has a month of vacation left! As we all know, June 21st was the summer solstice which marks the official first day of summer. France and especially Paris holds fête de la musique, an outdoor music festival where bands are on EVERY block on this day. The city gets pumped in preparation for the music fest and they even change metro stops.

Be sure to mark your social calendars for June 21, 2014 and plan your night with this site.  

In America

Although I’m sad not to be in town for Bastille Day, I’m really happy that I was in America for the Fourth of July. I spent America’s Independence Day with family, friends and the Finn drinking fun drinks, baking blueberry pies and watching an amazing fireworks show. And of course, seeing hundreds of American flags out on lawns, makes my heart melt. I guess I’ll always be an American because of this.  

You can take the girl out of Paris…

..but can’t take Paris out of the girl. The first few days in America were the best of both world because I enjoyed the delicious foods of Paris with some of my closest, best friends.  I had found the perfect balance of my French life and my American life. Now however; I cry when walking past the “cheese” section at supermarkets and wine lists in restaurants. Although, I am enjoying seeing my loved ones so it’s not all so bad! Happy Summer everyone! 

For the love of cheese.

It’s no wonder why my love affair with cheese has only begun in Paris. A few tears are shed every time walking past the sad display of cheeses in American grocery stores. It’s a good thing that I ate A LOT of cheeses before coming back! A great place to feel like a local Parisian to grab a drink, dinner, or just a snack with a friend and catch up is La Tartine. Their cheese platter is amazing and available in different sizes!

La tartine

24 rue de Rivoli 75004 

Metro : Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Paul or Pont Maire

Being Original.

Although annoyingly touristy, Monet’s Gardens are a must. Here are some ways to avoid being a camera-neck-wearing, fanny-pack, matching-t-shirt tourist:

Renting a car: gives you the leisurely luxury of traveling without a strict time schedule.

Walking: After taking the train from St. Lazare skip the bus and bike rentals and travel by foot.  The towns of Vernon and Giverny are really charming.  You can pop into to their churches, cafés, art galleries, medieval buildings at a whim. Plus there are many great picnic spots along the way!

Déjà vu

Have you ever felt like you’ve been somewhere without ever actually stepping foot in the place? With technology nowadays, this feeling is quiet common. When I went to visit chez Claude, it was as if I walked directly into Monet’s painting. And as a precursor or as a follow up go to Musée de l’Orangerie located in the Tuileries garden. 

Let me count the ways I love Champagne  

Coming back from my prosecco-filled Roman holiday; I attended a delightful French dinner party. No true dinner party is complete without at least one glass of champagne. And wow! Truly there is no comparison to this fine-bubbly drink of the gods. The finer the bubbles, the better!  Having dinner is my favorite activity in Paris because you will talk about everything under the sun until the sun comes up!

Best gelato

I’ve done my research and can tell you where to find the best gelato in Rome. 

Where: Ciampini 

What to get: chocolate fondant and caramel 

Where to eat it: get it to go and sit near/on the gorgeous fountain. 


Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29

Rome: the queen of reusing the old and making something new

Did you know that Rome has the most obliques in the world? Yeah, apparently Napoleon got the idea of stealing the Egyptian statues from Rome. However; the Romans decided to Christian-ify it up by placing a cross on top of the all 15 obliques in Rome.