Viva les ventes priveés

Vente priveés are one way the French go around having more than the two legal sales a year and are usually held in their workshop.  You never know what to expect. some are invitation only, others don’t have a fitting room, and then some are over the top like The Conran Shop. One of my favorite home decor shops in Paris.  It was a wonderful, yet peculiar event.  I was partying in a furniture store; which really, if you think about it; it’s actually a great place to have a party because of the number of seating options available. There were many groups which found a couch and sipped (what it seemed like) an endless supply of white wine while SupaKitch created live art. I now understand why stores give you wine while shopping…you’re guaranteed to walk out with a shopping bag (or two)!!

You too can be invited to these soirées by heading here and joining their mailing list: 

The Conran Shop

117 Rue Du Bac 75007

Metro: Sèvres-Babylone 


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