Wine 101


There’s a lot out there. Especially in your go-to-emergency grocers. Four things I look for when buying wine:

  • Year—the older the better, applies to red wine
  • Reign—full bodied wines such go with Bordeaux, Cotes de Rhone and Burdagny (Bourgogne). Lighter wines try Beaujolais or Brouilley
  • Price tag—You can get an exceptional bottle of wine for under 20 euros. And really, you shouldn’t pay for 18 euros (Champagne is the exception) —blends will be lower cost 
  • How pretty the label is—ok, not that important…but it’s the tie breaker!

Trouble deciding? Go here for friendly, FRIENDLY service: 


Paris Cave

4 rue Mayet

Paris 75006

Metro: Duroc


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