SNCF 101


Trains are my preferred way of travel. Of course there are the little Skyhawks that the Finn flies which are more fun than a barrel of monkeys; but there’s a rustic chic to trains. In France, its really the best way to travel—you can wake up and say, “let’s go to Switzerland today”…and within 3 ½ hours you are there with bottles of wine and sharp objects in your luggage. However; it’s only easy if you know what you are doing. There are TV screens located all over which tells you what quai to go to. Look your ticket: the number next to voiture means car. Numbers are digitally displayed outside the train. Also, don’t forget to validate your ticket (only the French make a big deal about this). The machine is bright yellow. Because the stations are small you can arrive to the gare only 5 minutes before and be in your seat with minutes to spare; they advise you to be in your seat 2 minutes beforehand.  


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