Joyeux Spring Break France!  May is FULL of days off, which is why most of France just takes off two weeks! The bank holidays are as followed: May 1 (Labor Day) May 8 (WWII Victory Day), May 9 (Ascension) and  May 20 (Pentecost Monday). May is the perfect time to re-connect with your Parisian pals (sorry, I love alliteration if you couldn’t tell) and catch-up with a cocktail in hand. And if its raining take your party inside to a cozy bar like the Experimental Cocktail Club. Because of financial reasons and the quality, I only drink wine in France. There’s only few exceptions to this rule….one being this speakeasy bar in the 2nd. Their cocktails are simply amazing. In one sip, you discover three distinctly different flavors. A cocktail lovers heaven.  A Parisian must. 

Experimental Cocktail Club

37 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 

Metro: Sentier 

Hours: Everyday at 19h00 (Sundays 20h00)


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